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Top Tips for Selling Your Home This Summer

Summer is often seen as a bad time for putting a home on the market, don’t let this put you off – it can be an advantage to list in the summer! It is thought that people are more concerned about going on holiday and enjoying the sunshine than coping with the stress of a property buy, while this can be true, Summer is also the time people focus on family, and start to really look at their living situation. You’ll not only have to sort out your own summer diary if you are focused on making a sale before Autumn but also be flexible enough to deal with viewers who may have their own crowded diaries.

Sell your home this summer!

Throw in the recent increase in Stamp Duty for second homes that came into effect last April and the impact of the Brexit vote in July, and you might be forgiven for thinking that it’s an even worse moment to put a house up for sale. That doesn’t mean houses aren’t being sold at the moment – far from it. You do have to be realistic and understand that it may take a little while to get the right buyer and sell your property.

For those of you who are putting a property on the market, here are our top tips for getting it right this summer.

Spruce Up the Outside

The good news is that the sunshine makes everything look more appealing. Many homeowners spend a lot of time doing up the inside of their property before putting it on the market without thinking about the external appearance. After all, this is the first thing that potential buyers see, whether they are viewing online or passing by in the car. A little sprucing up can make a big difference to the number of enquiries you get – tidy up the garden, make sure the windows are clean and think about giving the front a lick of paint.

Declutter Your Home

You want to leave as much room for the imagination as possible. When viewers come to look at the house they want to see how the place will look for them, not how you think it should look. Try to keep everything to a minimum, even the kids’ rooms that might have a lot of toys and pictures in them. There’s a lot to be said for depersonalising your home even if it causes some inconvenience.

It’s a good option to also make sure those little repair jobs are taken care of – paintwork that needs to be touched up and perhaps giving carpets a good clean so that they smell fresh and welcoming. Summers can often have stifling periods, even here in the North East so make sure you have some way of cooling down the inside of your property if you have a viewing at such a time.

Be as Flexible as Possible with Viewings

If summertime means that people are lot busier than normal – either with holidays or looking after kids who are on their big break – then it makes sense to ensure you can be as flexible as you can when it comes to viewings. When people do come to visit and it’s a nice day make sure that you open the windows and let in the fresh air. You’ll be surprised to learn the number of people who have closed curtains and gloomy corners in their home when potential buyers come to visit.

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