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Top North-East Seaside Towns: Why they’re great places to live

The north-east of England is packed with brilliant seaside towns brimming with character and close to some amazing amenities. If you’ve never thought of Whitley Bay or Alnwick as places to set up home, then it’s time you took a closer look at what this part of the country offers.

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The resurgence of the north-east in recent years has gone unnoticed by many people. With a lot of money invested in towns and cities across the region, competitive house prices and a warm welcome wherever you go, there isn’t a downside to living here.

Here are just some of the seaside towns you might like to consider in the north-east:

Whitley Bay

It’s an area that’s rich in history and lies just a few miles from the centre of Newcastle, one of the fastest growing technical and cultural hubs in the north-east. This is a great option for those bringing up a family who don’t want to live in the heart of a thriving city but still want quick access for work and amenities. Whitley Bay is getting a massive £64 million facelift at the moment, including for the new Wave leisure centre. You can pick up a flat for around £128,000 and a terraced house for £216,000.


Nestled in the mouth of the River Tyne, this is an excellent place for long, relaxing walks, quality food and plenty of interesting shopping opportunities. If you like your history, there’s the 2,000 year old priory and castle looking out over the North Sea and the brisk waves in the bay make the beaches a haven for UK surfers. The houses are a little pricier than some other areas with an average terrace selling for around £350,000.


There aren’t many market towns that are as picturesque as Alnwick. It lies on the banks of the River Aln just down from the Scottish border. There are traditional pubs such as The Plough in the town centre and a host of places to eat including the Art House which you’ll find on Bondgate. There are a host of different beaches along the coast that are easily accessible and the town is only 30 odd miles from Newcastle Upon Tyne. House prices range from about £164,000 for terraced properties and it’s currently one of the cheapest areas in the region.


Seaburn is another coastal gem that is currently having a lot of money invested in it – £100 million to be exact. The seaside views and walks are a big attraction but this is going to be a great place to get in at the ground level. If you like your resorts to have a certain traditional look then you can’t get more English than this. You can pick up a flat for around £125,000 or a terraced property for £165,000 and being close to Sunderland means you also get all the job opportunities a busy city has to offer.

There’s no doubt that the north-east is becoming one of the best places to live in the UK. With cheaper housing compared to other parts of the country and investment going into a lot of the region, this is an area that is on the up. Add to that the stunning countryside and brilliant amenities and you have a recipe for the perfect home.

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