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Tips on Making a Buyer Feel Welcome in Your Home

There’s no doubt that when someone is buying a property, they’ll be looking at your fixtures and fittings rather than your personality. But people also buy off people and how you present yourself during a viewing, how welcome you make your guest, can make a big difference to whether you succeed in selling your home.

Be Friendly

It might seem like an obvious thing to say but a friendly smile and an open, helpful approach goes a long way to putting any viewer at ease. If you’re trying to rush someone around your property and get them out as soon as possible, they’re going to notice and it will have an impact on their attitude not only to you but your property.

Make sure you book or agree to any viewings at a time when you’re less rushed and not thinking of other things. You don’t want to hurry your viewers in and out the door without them having had the chance to see what a great home you have.

Offer Them a Drink

You don’t have to lay on a full buffet but putting on a pot of coffee or having a selection of teas can help break the ice once the potential buyers arrive. They may not want to sit and engage in small talk while having a nice cuppa but it’s nice to offer. There is an apocryphal notion that putting on fresh coffee (or even baking bread) and the smell it produces makes people more amenable to a sale and many an estate agent still swear by this.

Know Your House

You probably know most of things about your house such as where the meters and water mains are but it’s worth brushing up on things that you may have forgotten over time so you can answer any questions if they come up. Check any areas where there may be damage or room for improvement to your home that could cause viewers some concern and come up with some honest but encouraging answers. It’s useful to go through the home with your estate agent to make sure all the bases are covered and you’ve considered all the possible questions.

Let Them See the Possibilities

Most people when they view a home want to see the potential for them. If your house is too cluttered and has too much of you in it, buyers can have their view obscured. Estate agents will advise you to declutter your home if you want to make the best impression. The good news is that this often leads to a higher bid offer. Personal effects such as family photographs can be distracting so the less you have the better. Needless to say, making sure the place is clean and smells fresh and welcoming is important. That includes the front and back garden.

Give Them Time on Their Own

Some people don’t necessarily want to be followed around the house and it’s important to give viewers time to walk around on their own without you interfering. Others may not need this but you should allow everyone the space and time they need to explore.

Creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is just as important as your actual property. Get it right and you have more chance of someone putting in a good bid for your home.

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