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Tips on Keeping your Garden Looking Great for Viewings this Summer

When selling a house, making sure the walls are painted and the carpets look nice and fresh is normally top of the list. You want to create a great impression when possible buyers come to view. One area that often gets overlooked, however, is the garden.

It’s really important though and one of the first areas that viewers see, helping them get an immediate feel for the full potential of your home. Here are our top tips on keeping your garden ready for viewing all through the summer.

Selling your Home Garden Preparations

We can often put this off until it’s too late and flowers and bushes get into full flow. Put some time aside to prune properly and get your garden ready for the summer months. This kind of preparation can make things a lot easier as the days get longer. If you are going to put in some new plants, head to the garden centre as soon as possible and get these bedded in.

For those with conventional garden spaces, introducing some pots here and there will add colour and dynamism and are easy to maintain. Should there be problems such as broken paths, patios or terraces, then it’s a sensible idea to repair these sooner rather than later.

Keep it Clean and Clear

Ideally you want an area that is easy to maintain throughout the summer months. If you have a patio, make sure it is cleaned properly and give it a regular going over about once every couple of weeks. Should you be one of those gardeners that leaves a host of tools lying about, make the effort to put everything away in the shed and out of sight.

For those with a lawn, make sure also that you regularly cut the grass and remove any debris. Weeds need to be kept control of – they’re not necessarily a bad idea and can provide a lot of colour but cutting back and trimming can ensure that things don’t look too rustic.

Pay Special Attention to the Front Garden

The front garden is normally the first thing that potential buyers see so you need to spend a little more time on it. A few hanging baskets and a couple of pots can brighten a paved area and don’t need much in the way of maintenance. Don’t just look at the plants but consider giving the woodwork or gate a quick going over with the paintbrush if needed and clean the windows.

New Garden Furniture?

Garden furniture can quickly begin to look tired if it’s not cared for properly. You might like to consider getting some new furniture in or at least sprucing up what is already there. You can get some excellent quality, cheap garden furniture nowadays that fits the bill perfectly. The other option is to put old furniture away out of sight when visitors come.

If you have a lot of other things to contend with while selling your house, you probably don’t want to spend too much time in the garden. Keeping it neat and tidy is, however, important and can help sell your house by creating that all-important good first impression.

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