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Tips on How to Clean and Declutter Before You Put Your Home on the Market

Once you decide to put your home up for sale, it’s time to get out the dusters and binbags and give the place a good clean. The last thing viewers want to see is a cluttered or untidy home and most estate agents will tell you that a clean property will sell quicker than one that’s in a mess.

Get Your Equipment Ready

If you’re cleaning your property from top to bottom you’re going to need a bit of equipment. That includes bin bags and boxes, dusters and sponges, glass and wood cleaner, carpet cleaner and some rubber gloves, to name just a few things. It’s better to have something and not need it than the other way around so get all you equipment together before you start.

A Guide to Decluttering

This is about how you get rid of stuff you don’t need from your home. Moving from one property to another is one of the best times to do this kind of activity. Possessions build up over time – those magazines and newspapers we aren’t likely to read again, clothes that we’re never going to wear, toys that have been outgrown as well as various other items you don’t intend to take to your new home. Clutter can either be recycled, repurposed or found a new home.

Before you do the big clean, taking care of the clutter makes sense. You can either do it all in one go or work through each room in order. The choice is yours. Once you have collected the clutter, then make sure that you get rid of it as soon as possible. Once it’s out of the way you can go about the task of cleaning your home from top to bottom.

Cleaning Your Home

Where do you start when you’re carrying out a big spring clean? The best option is to pick the biggest job first and get it out of the way. For a lot of people, that usually means the kitchen. You might want to degrease behind the appliances, clean out the fridge and oven, empty the cupboards of old and out of date food packs, and wash down the walls as well as the floors.

The next big job could well be the bathroom and toilet. Put away any toiletries and give the porcelain work and tiles a good going over with a quality cream cleaner. Polish the mirrors and don’t forget about that skirting board which may have gotten a touch grimy over the years.

Cleaning the Carpets

There’s nothing that spruces up a home more than having the carpets properly cleaned. Over the years, these can get ingrained with dirt and lose their lustre, no matter how often you vacuum. Getting in a professional cleaner to give them a deep clean is well worth the investment. If you haven’t got the budget for that, using a superior quality wet carpet cleaner is the next best thing. Not only will it bring back the colour back to your carpets but will also give your home that nice fresh, clean smell.

All the little jobs

There are plenty of little jobs that you need to keep an eye out for as you clean. For example, making sure you remove the gunge that may have gathered around washing machine seal, disinfecting the drains and sinks, and dusting the places those you don’t normally see. Give your house a thorough clean before you put it on the market means that you then have a better chance of keeping it tidy for when the viewers arrive.

Sell your home

Having a clean, decluttered home is key to letting buyers see the potential in your home so getting organised before it goes on the market is the best chance in selling your home quickly.

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