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The joys of being in your home at Christmas

Ahh, the joys of being in your home at Christmas. Everyone knows that from around the end of September the build up to Christmas begins and continues at a relentless pace up until Christmas itself then there tends to be a universal sigh of relief, a period of idleness and over indulgence, perhaps some reflection on the past year, particularly this year which has been one long roller coaster, before summoning up the energy required to tackle the New Year and preparations to get your home ready to put on the market and think about what it’s going to be like to spend next Christmas in your new home.

Familiarity – generally speaking we are creatures of habit and don’t really go in for change if it can be avoided! We know how everything works in our house, we are used to its little quirks, be it noisy floorboards or cupboard doors that don’t quite close properly.

Friends pulling Christmas crackers

Neighbours – whether we get on with them or we are not too sure about them, even possibly making an effort to avoid them at all costs, we have become used to them for good or bad!  At this time of year when the Christmas spirit kicks in it’s nice to have neighbours round to your home for a good old party,  particularly what with dark early nights and mornings we can go for days or even weeks without seeing them.

Our home – since we have been in it we may have spent a lot of time decorating, renovating, or extending our house and not really had the opportunity to sit back and actually appreciate it. At Christmas, we tend to be more relaxed and have more time to be at home so it’s a good time to appreciate and enjoy all the work we’ve put into our home.

Children – despite what they may say, also tend to be creatures of habit and look forward to Christmas at home, still waking up ridiculously early on Christmas morning to see what Santa has put under the tree for them.

Santa's grotto

Dark days – when it starts to get dark around 4pm it’s all too easy once you get home to want to hibernate, put the heating on, decide what you are going to eat, turn on the TV, put on your pyjamas and not emerge until the next day.

Christmas decorations – even in November you begin to notice decorations are already going up, it can become something of a competition to see who can get the biggest tree in their house, have the most elaborate light show going on, either inside or outside the home, sometimes even both!

It’s nice to go to your local Carol service or a Christmas market which have become popular over the last few years – bringing a touch of nostalgia or a European feel when you can have a look round whilst sipping a glass of spiced mulled wine!

Christmas dinnerFood – Christmas is a wonderful time to cook and bake at home, whether it’s traditional turkey, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes and the dreaded sprouts, following by super soggy brandy addled Christmas pud, or something more alternative like a typical Danish Christmas dinner of roast pork, boiled potatoes, red cabbage and gravy, followed by ris a l’amande a cold rice pudding with whipped cream, vanilla, almonds and hot cherry sauce – yum!!






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