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Investing in Student Properties in Newcastle: Is it a Good idea?

Buying a property to let is still a good investment, even with the changes earlier this year to stamp duty. Pick the right location and you can find a ready supply of eager tenants and make a sizeable, long-term profit in the process. In Newcastle, there are several reasons why you might want to focus on student properties in particular, not least because it’s now one of the prime higher educational hubs in the country.

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Predictions for 2017

Making Predictions for the housing market in 2017

MAKING PREDICTIONS FOR THE HOUSING MARKET IN 2017? Making predictions for the housing market in 2017? Given what has gone on in 2016 with Brexit and the Trump outcome this could well prove tricky, but here goes! Reuters 2016 Housing Market Poll showed that on average industry representatives thought prices would rise 4.7% this year,

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Christmas baubles

The joys of being in your home at Christmas

Ahh, the joys of being in your home at Christmas. Everyone knows that from around the end of September the build up to Christmas begins and continues at a relentless pace up until Christmas itself then there tends to be a universal sigh of relief, a period of idleness and over indulgence, perhaps some reflection

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lady pointing to south shields town

What’s happening in South Shields at the moment?

What’s happening in South Shields at the moment as we approach the end of a very dramatic year? With the current major issue of mass migration, outcome of Brexit and where we go from here, I found it interesting to discover that Yemenis were the first settled Muslim community in Britain with this fact having

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