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Relax, work and play in Sunderland.

Now then, if you’re looking to relocate to a thriving city by the sea, where you can enjoy golden beaches and surf by day and a West End show by night, the city of Sunderland holds all the aces.

With a strong employment market and thriving cultural scene and proud heritage, never has there been a better time to be a Mackem!

Did you know that Sunderland was recently voted the top place in the North East and the fourth best location in the UK to make a living? It’s true!

We live and breath the Tyne and Wear property market, and have property for sale in Sunderland today!

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Essential Stats & Facts

Sunderland is extremely easy to get to from the A19 and A1 and is linked to the whole of Tyneside via the Tyne & Wear Metro. Newcastle International Airport is a mere 23 miles away, and Sunderland Train Station connects you to the rest of the UK.

Amongst North East state schools in 2009, Sunderland produced the best A-level results. So if you have teenage children, they can benefit from a high standard of teaching throughout the city. If higher education is something you’re looking for, this can be found at Sunderland University. The University is known to have strong ties with business and industry and also has first class media facilities and a pedigree for teaching pharmacy.

It depends on what type of person you are! The people of Tyne & Wear regularly get their winter kicks snowboarding at Silksworth Sports Complex and junkies of the adrenaline can enjoy extreme water sports at Sunderland Marina Activities Centre.

Also, the annual Sunderland International Airshow is an amazing family day out and attracts over a million visitors each and every year. You must have heard of that, right?

The official data released by local police suggests that the local area around Sunderland City Centre suffers from a relatively high crime rate.

Estimates suggest that there were over 600 reported crimes in the last year. Of these, almost 65% were unresolved.

These figures may seem high folks, but often crimes are very minor and Sunderland generally is known to be a safe place to live.

Access to medical facilities, doctors, specialist clinics, walk-in centres and hospitals in Sunderland are a very good standard.

Operating from Sunderland Royal Hospital, Eye Infirmary and the Children’s Centre, City Hospitals Sunderland is one of the UK’s leading acute healthcare providers.

Latest News & Events

Pint Sized History


Ok, we’ve spent a lot of time chatting about what makes Sunderland great. So let’s get down to brass tacks.

Where on Earth does the term “Mackem” come from?

Well, this may not come as a surprise but the word is a fiercely debated object of both pride and prejudice. It’s used affectionately by Wearsiders as a nod to their shipbuilding past and by Newcastle United fans as a means to mock their football arch rivals.

Depending on which side of the fence you sit on, here’s how it goes. One old tail follows the line that during the last World War shipyard workers from Sunderland were asked to help out and build ships on the Tyne (Newcastle). As one might expect, this didn’t go down too well with the Geordies who saw this as a blatant attempt to take work away from the locals. Thus, the Wearside workers were making the ships and reportedly taking away employment from the people of Tyneside. Hey presto people: “Mak’em and Tak’em”. 

Another view is that the name is simply down to local dialect. If you speak to a true Sunderland resident with a strong accent and ask them to say “Make” or “Take” guess what it’ll come out as? Yup, you guessed it, “Mak” and “Tak”.

Confusing, eh!?

Did You Know?

There are lots of reasons to be in Sunderland right now. With a wealth of career openings, the city is proud to be at the cutting edge of the region’s motor and digital media sectors and comes with an extensive range of quality housing, entertainment for all ages and good schools for the kids. Oh, and there’s a certain famous football team that plays its games at the Stadium of Light (if you move into Sunderland from outside of the North East, distrikt recommends you don’t tell your Newcastle neighbours that you’re a new fan of the Black Cats!).

Sunderland has risen proudly from the embers of its shipbuilding past and has remodelled itself into a super modern space of digital and motoring excellence. How? Sunderland Software City has become one of the city’s biggest employers, and this has fostered a new age of digital entrepreneurs in the North East. And then there’s Nissan – Europe’s most reliable and efficient car plant – and a major employer for the people of Sunderland and beyond.

But it’s not all work and no play. After a hard day’s work is over, the people of the city love to unwind in its wealth of cultural and entertainment hotspots. Couples often take a walk down the recently redeveloped marina of an evening, and the artistic amongst us can experience the latest exhibition at the National Gallery for Contemporary Art and we can’t forget the Sunderland Empire. The Empire is Sunderland’s answer to the West End and hosts major productions and shows all year round. Rockers and music revellers should check out the Stadium of Light’s Calendar of events too. Oasis, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters have all played there in recent times. Team distrikt were at the front for every one of them!

From contemporary developments in Shiney Row and Penshaw to the tree-lined upmarket escape that is Ashbrooke, Sunderland is fast becoming the number one place to live in the region.


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