Boldon Colliery

Boldon Colliery

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As you might expect from the name, Boldon Colliery was the site of a coal mining operation for many years. The village of Boldon was expanded in 1870 to accommodate the miners and their families which is how Boldon Colliery was established. One of the three connected Boldons along with East and West Boldon, Boldon Colliery offers excellent transport links for commuters or those planning a day at the shops or seaside.

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Much like the neighbouring districts of East Boldon and West Boldon, the village of Boldon Colliery is popular with commuters. The three areas are closely linked and so it’s only a short walk to the cinema and restaurants that lie at the edge of East Boldon or the lovely, tranquil pubs that punctuate all three villages.

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