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You know what they say, good things come in small packages, and this is most certainly the case with South Tyneside. It may be tiny, but this district has lots to shout about.

With some of the most picturesque beaches in Britain, excellent housing and a thriving cultural scene, many a family and Singleton have moved here to launch their careers.
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Essential Stats & Facts

With brilliant road links, 11 Metro stations and the Shields Ferry to North Shields, travelling to and from South Tyneside is as easy as 1,2,3.

If you’re searching for further your education, almost 18,000 students every year opt to attend South Tyneside College in Hebburn and South Shields, which also has an esteemed marine college.

How about the village of Jarrow for a family fun day out? Jarrow is home to St. Paul’s Monastery where visitors can explore church ruins and see the oldest stained glass window in the world. Bede’s World provides a historical tour to find out about Anglo-Saxon life and the Venerable Bede. Bede’s World also throws up various activities throughout the yearly calendar for kids and families. It even has a farm and an outdoor theatre stage.

Fancy a bit to eat? Aneesas Indian Buffet Restaurant and Davinci’s Italian in South Shields both hold legendary culinary status and if you fancy a spot of live entertainment head down to the Trimmer’s Arms. Food is served daily here and features all of the latest bands and musicians the region has to offer.

The official data released by the police suggests that the local area around South Shields suffers from a relatively high crime rate, but South Tyneside is large and diverse and contains many areas where crime rates are far lower than the national average.

There were 398 reported crimes reported in the last 12 months. Of all the investigations in the past 12 months, 74% were either unresolved or resulted in what might be deemed an unsatisfactory solution for the person reporting the crime.

Access to health and fitness facilities in South Tyneside is excellent and contains all of the essentials needed including a hospital (South Tyneside District Hospital), medical centres, doctors, pharmacies and more.

Latest News & Events

Pint Sized History

South Shields_point

Muhammed Ali got married in South Shields. FACT!

In July 1977, the Greatest boxer and the most famous sports personality of all time visited South Tyneside. While he was here, he stopped by a mosque in South Shields to have his marriage blessed but news of the visit brought the town to a stand still as thousands of fans lined the streets.

Back in the late 70s, Mohammed Ali still remained the heavyweight champion of the world and remained at the top of his game. And, after a chat with Shields boxing legend Johnny Walker, he had agreed to a four-day visit to Tyneside to raise funds for local boys’ clubs.

His visit didn’t start well at all though folks. Why? His entourage went a missed their connecting flight from Heathrow to Newcastle! Dear me.

When Ali finally arrived, there were crazy scenes at Newcastle International Airport as thousands of fans had gathered to catch a glimpse of the champion.

Thankfully, it was all smiles a couple of days later when yet more thousands packed the streets of Jarrow and South Shields to see the Greatest.

Did You Know?

South Tyneside has many endearing features and life revolves around its vibrant capital, South Shields.

The people of South Shields – or Sand Dancers if you want to get in on the local lingo – is constantly abuzz with activity. It’s a pretty coastal town and is bursting with live music, family fun days, exhibitions and shows and is only a stone’s throw and a ferry ride away from the elegant village of Tynemouth and it’s sister town, North Shields.

Team Distrikt almost choked on our morning cornflakes when we read recently that it had been voted that South Tyneside is one of the worst places for culture in the UK. Where did they get that from? Catherine Cookson will be turning in her Grave!

From the elegance of Customs House (South Tyneside’s answer to Sunderland’s Empire Theatre) to the epic and awe-inspiring Arbeia Roman Fort, South Tyneside has plenty of culture to shout about, even if the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce didn’t spot it. Dummies!

Anyway, now that we’ve calmed down a little. The borough also comes with miles of winding coastal paths and areas of natural beauty, meaning South Tyneside is by no means a one trick pony.

South of the main town is Whitburn, a village that is chock full of character and even boasts a conservation area.

If we take a little drive inland, you’ll find Boldon and Cleadon. Both spots are highly sought-after when it comes to housing thanks to their quaint boutiques and mouth-watering restaurants while Jarrow has modern developments aplenty running alongside more traditional terracing.

Like to live by the sea? You’re in luck. Complete with a Seaside Flag Award for safety and cleanliness, Sandhaven is a hidden gem while Marsden Bay is complimented by impressive rock formations and is the perfect spot for watersports. Its excellent beach and surf, is extremely popular with wind and kite surfers!

Does this sound like a bad place to live? Hell no.

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