Dress to impress: How To Sell Property In Tyne and Wear

Sell Property in Tyne and Wear The Distrikt Way: The Sun is out, the birds are singing, it’s time to get your property in order for sale this spring!

If you’re hoping to sell property in Tyne and Wear soon, it’s time to take an honest look at its condition and get it Swan_springready for sale Distrikt style this Spring.

Getting your home in the right shape for your new list of viewers, or “staging” as us property people call it, is vital if you’re to make that big sale.

Why? Well, it could add some serious value to your home and it will sell much quicker than a home that looks shabby and worn. Time is money people!

Here’s Distrikt quick fire, 8 point guide, to get your property looking gorgeous and sellable this Spring.

1) Kerb Appeal – make it look welcoming and prettydandelion-729693_960_720

It may sound obvious, but the exterior of your home is the first thing people will notice on arrival. Make sure you fix and paint that gate, touch up those flaky bits, cut the grass, remove those killer spring weeds and have those windows professionally cleaned. No blinds? Get to Ikea and buy something pretty. It doesn’t cost much and will add style to your windows. You’d be amazed at how important this quick job really is. The spring sun is now starting to peep out from the grey Tyne & Wear shadows. So get cracking!

2) Declutter – out of site, out of mind!

If you’re currently using your home like some kind of high street shop window, and have your Jimmy Choos blocking the hallway, it’s going to look unprofessional regardless of how expensive they were. Get things stored away that don’t need to be there and create some space for people to breath in and appreciate your home’s personality and potential.

shoes-285986_960_7203) Tidy, tidy, tidy!

You may think it’s OK for a toilet seat to be up (especially the fellas) but this isn’t cool my friends. Clean everything until your home is sparkly. Also, get rid of things like limescale, get that grout repaired and cleaned out, wooden floors should we waxed, hang up fresh towels and make your home as appealing as possible. First rule of property fight club, let your viewers imagine living there! It’s not about you any more, it’s about them and they’re imaginations must be allowed to roam and be free in a nice, clean and tidy environment.

4) It’s a matter of taste

Pink is our favourite colour but it certainly isn’t for everyone! So, if you’ve got really vivid wall papers and colours you may want to neutralise them a bit. Let the buyer see that blank canvas. You can always paint your new home pink in no time. Trust us, we had a pink farm!

painting-wall-11291581001pYx5) Get rid of unpleasant odours!

Prospective buyers of property definitely don’t want to suffer bad smells. In our experience, this is one of the biggest turn offs for people visiting a potential new home. Don’t try and cover them up. Get to the route of the cause and make it go away forever and replace it with something that smells nice. So, clear those drains, air the kitchen, ged rid of pongy furniture, take the dog for a walk and light those scented candles.

6) Light a fire.

The sun maybe shining, but it’s still rather chilly out there. So light the fire and make your home warm and welcoming, especially if it’s an evening viewing. Distrikt’s top tip: Burn some pinecones for a beautiful smell. It makes the difference.

7) Have your kitchen updated

OK, we know this can be expensive. But if you can afford to have your kitchen updated, it can add thousands to the value of a property. After all, the kitchen is the most precious and valuable part of any house. If budget doesn’t allow, simple things like upgrading a kitchen counter top, the door fronts, and decluttering the surfaces from bulky appliances are really worth doing.

8) Trust us!

If you follow this guide, your property will be ready. So before you even consider selling, get things in place and you’ll be hot to trot and ready to roll.

Are you ready to sell property in Tyne and Wear? With flexible fees and a super efficient service, Distrikt can help. Contact your new Tyne & Wear online estate agent today and let’s get the ball rolling.

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