Is 2016 a good year to sell my house in Tyne & Wear?

UDW_UDW0003_IMG_00distrikt Runs The Rule Over The Property Market In The Region
Find Out When The Best Time To Sell Your Home Is This Year!

According to the stats, the property market in the UK appears to be recovering suggesting this could be the year to finally sell a home in Tyne & Wear.

A whirlwind of indices released by the likes of the Land Registry and the Office for National Statistics showed that house prices rose throughout 2015 and demand for good housing was again overtaken by the short supply.
Combined with the fact that house prices in Tyne & Wear are below the national average and the quality of housing stock is generally good, there are many reasons why you should consider selling and making that next big move in the market.

As reported in our article House prices ‘growing faster in Newcastle than London’, House prices in the Newcastle distrikt will be reportedly growing faster than in London by the end of the year as bargain hunters turn to cheaper property in the North of England.

In line with our findings about property being highly sought after in Tyne & Wear, the above statistics appear to show that the time a property spends on the market across the board in Tyne & Wear is also in decline, suggesting that people are snapping up houses for sale quicker than they had done previously.

UDW_UDW0001_IMG_00So, when is the best time to sell my property in Tyne & Wear?

There are many myths and miss truths about when the best time to sell a property is in any part of the country, but one thing’s for sure, each distrikt or neighbourhood and each individual home is different.
So, is there a “best season” for selling a home?

In the property industry, Spring is often seen as a good time to sell. Why? Well, the Christmas celebrations are long gone and the summer holidays are still far away.

Spring is also a good time to think about selling a home in Tyne & Wear because homes tend to look a little better from the outside as our gardens begin to bloom and the sun begins to shine for that little bit longer (hopefully).

When isn’t a good time to sell a property?

The summer months probably aren’t a good time to sell up because families are too busy enjoying their holidays and the kids are off school and take up much of their parents time.

Winter is also notoriously difficult, especially before Christmas as people are getting ready to spend time with their loved ones and can’t be bothered making the move. If you don’t put your home up for sale before December, we’d recommend waiting until January when people get back into their normal routines.

newcastle-uk-1distrikt Top Tip for Selling A House In Tyne & Wear

The seasons throughout the UK are more or less the same so our tips above will apply in all parts of the country, but it’s always a good idea to take a goos look at your local area before you think about selling. Has your local council, for example, announced any plans for regeneration that may attract wood be buyers, or could they be undertaking a big road works in the area that could put people off? These are just some of the things to take into account before you take the plunge.

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