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Say Hello To distrikt: The North East Online Estate Agent Is Here!

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Tyne and Wear’s all new online property estate agent

Proud to be local, proud to be different…

Are you searching for property to sell in Tyne and Wear? Are you hoping to sell your home in Newcastle and surrounding districts with the high-stress hassle? Perhaps you want to buy a property in Tyne and Wear but don’t where to start?

Hale_PenshawSay hello to distrikt, your all new zero fuss online estate agent. Combined with our local property expert and a weekly local property news service, we aim to provide you with all of the tools you need to move into your next new home.

boardWhy should I trust an online estate agent?

First of all, distrikt has been set up by property experts who live and breath Tyne and Wear. We work here; we live here, and we know what makes the area tick.

Remember, fewer and fewer customers these actually visit expensive high street estate agents these days and research is proving that the majority of selling and buying happens online. In fact, almost 100% of buyers and tenants in the UK head straight for Right Move and Zoopla. So, why not use an agent that solely operates online, charges fair fees and operates locally? Makes sense, right?

What makes distrikt so good? We’re local, and we’re proud of it.

Aside from being based in the area, (with a shiny new office based in the beautifully renovated Town Hall chambers), having just opened on Wallsend High Street, we go beyond the traditional way of doing things and offer a flexible, modern service. We certainly don’t believe in high commission, fees and lengthy contracts.

Our local property experts will work with you side by side to give you the best property possible if you’re looking to buy and the best deal going if you’re looking to sell. And, because we’re nice, we’ll give you a professional valuation with nothing to pay up front.


Here are just some of the benefits of choosing distrikt


We say it how it is. If a property looks great or only needs a lick of paint to make it sparkle then, that’s what we’ll say. If your home needs some work to attract the right buyer, we’ll tell it like it is.

We don’t believe in misleading sales tactics or hiding behind smoke screens. We employ the best and by the best we mean genuine local people who have a passion for the area and property. Our people pride themselves on a great service!

Our service wouldn’t be much cop if we charged ridiculous high or inflexible fees (now would it? Say goodbye to overly corporate high street office and hello to a service that offers a fair deal, open people and a zero frills approach to modern property buying and selling.

What else sets distrikt apart from the rest?

Understanding the power of local knowledge…

We bring you useful weekly content throughout the five Distrikts of Tyne & Wear. We do this to offer you something that’s of true value. We want you to know what’s going on in your Distrikt and how this affects you, your family and your home so you can make better-informed decisions about where you want to live, work and play.

Would you like to learn more about Distrikt and how we can help you make that next big move in the property market?

Call us now on 0191 123 4567 for a zero obligation chat about your options or fill in our super quick contact form here and we’ll be right in touch.

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For more information about our packages, our service and current local property trends and prices in your district, explore our newly launched fully responsive website today 

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