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Searching for property in North Tyneside? Fancy moving to one of Britain’s most sort after seaside districts? We like your style!

If you’re looking for the best places to live in North Tyneside, you’ve come to right place.

While you are weighing up your options over your next move, here at distrikt we like to keep our clients reliably informed and in the loop with what’s hot and what’s not.

Let’s take a quick look at what makes North Tyneside so great and why this area is one of the best places to live in Tyne and Wear. And remember, if you have any questions about any of the districts, we’re only a phone call or email away.

Essential Stats & Facts

North Tyneside is without a doubt one of the best-served areas for public and private transport. If you hop on any of its 14 Metro stations, which includes Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, Cullercoats and Tynemouth, you can reach Newcastle City Centre in just over 20 minutes, and the same goes if you take a drive up the Coast Road. The A1 is only 20 minutes away too, meaning you’ve got access to the nearby city of Sunderland, Durham and Scotland to the North. The Tyne Tunnel connects drivers to the A19 to Sunderland and Teesside and a comprehensive bus system runs right through North Tyneside and the coast.

North Tyneside boasts some of the region’s finest GCSE results and some of the best schooling is available at King’s Priory School, based in Tynemouth. Higher education as well as comprehensive, can be found at Tyne Met College at North Shields and Wallsend.

Tynemouth Front Street comes with a host of quirky and cool eateries, drinking spots and places to chill and relax. Distrikt favourites include Riley’s Fish Shack, Longsands Fish Kitchen, The Surf Cafe, Dil & The Bear and Barca Art Cafe. If you’re feeling fit and want some North Sea air, there’s nothing better than a walk to the North Shields Fish Quay to take in its maritime beauty and fantastic restaurants.

Because North Tyneside is so large and diverse, it’s tricky to give a total impression of the overall crime rate. Our best estimate is that there were 306 reported crimes in the last 12 months, which is slightly high for the UK average, but way lower than most.

Of all the investigations in the past 12 months, 54% were unresolved, but many of these could be deemed as minor crimes. If you’d like to know more about a specific area in North Tyneside get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

There are a number of GP surgeries in North Tyneside and people living here have access to very good medical practices and pharmacies. There are two main hospitals in the area, North Tyneside General Hospital in North Shields and the newly built Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington.

If you want to hit the gym or catch-up on some R&R, there are plenty of options in this area too.

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Pint Sized History

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Property for Sale In North Shields with Distrikt Online

North Tyneside may appear small in the grand scheme of things, but it’s an area of great diversity. The borough ranges from the suburbs in the east to the riverside towns of North Shields and Wallsend in the South all the way to the coastal spots of Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley Bay. This little gem is as diverse as it is beautiful. Let’s take a look at just three of its major players…

Whitley Bay

Get this, originally the town was simply called Whitley but this caused a lot of confusion with the Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby. Things came to a head when the body of an ex-resident of “Whitley” was buried in Whitby by mistake! Whoops! Since the 1890s, the town has been re-christened Whitley Bay, to the relief of funeral directors and posties!


Known by the Saxons as Benebal Crag, the history of Tynemouth and its’ Priory is one of constant change. It was attacked by the Danes in 800 and repeatedly during the 9th century and was finally destroyed in 875. The Vikings used Tynemouth as their base to sack the surrounding area. How dare they!

Since 1584, artillery has been mounted on the Castle’s headland in Tynemouth, to defend the River Tyne against naval attack if the mighty Napoleon ever had a go at us. This meant the walls of Tynemouth Castle could better defend the mouth of the Tyne. Today, this area is a pretty tourist spot that charms both locals and tourists alike.

North Shields

Back in the 1200s, the Prior of Tynemouth wanted to create a fishing port to supply the Priory with a reliable source of food. Temporary shelters called, “shiels” were built for the hardworking fishermen along the riverbank. And yes, you guessed it, this is where the name North Shields comes from!

North Shields soon outgrew its land along the river, and in the 18th Century steps were needed to link the old port with new residents in the high town, which can now be seen and lived in today.

Did You Know?

The great thing about living in North Tyneside is that you can enjoy the best of two very different worlds. As well as having thriving urban centres, the area also boasts elegant coastal retreats and is made up of lots of charming villages and towns that all carry their own unique style and personality. We’re not kidding, we’re being deadly serious!

From the coastal areas of Cullercoats, Tynemouth and Whitley Bay, to the suburb of Killingworth in the west, the industrialised riverside town of Wallsend and North Shields in the south, and a series of isolated countryfied towns and former mining villages, you really are spoilt for choice!

Perhaps the most celebrated part of the district is Tynemouth. Rich in heritage and natural beauty, the village comes with the iconic Priory Castle, sandy beaches, opulent Victorian and Georgian architecture and is, as you might expect, one of the most in-demand spots for housing in North Tyneside.

Nearby lies the world famous seaside town of Whitley Bay, the quaint fishing village of Cullercoats complete with its own scenic harbour and, of course, the ever vibrant town of North Shields, the former cornerstone of the region’s fishing industry.

A small drive inland would take you to the hugely popular villages of Monkseaton and Holystone and if you’re looking for an affordable place to live near Newcastle, Wallsend can provide the ultimate solution.

North Tyneside, as a whole, has received serious investment in recent times and proudly boasts the fastest growing enterprise culture in the North East. It’s truly a great place to live and, as you can see through this super quick tour, comes with a lifetime of options and opportunity.

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