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How to make your home as saleable as possible

Putting your house up for sale can be a big challenge, particularly if you’ve never done it before. While you may put many things in the hands of your estate agent, however, there’s still a lot you can do yourself to give the old homestead that certain wow factor. Small changes here and there can

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Stamp Duty: What you need to know

If you live in England, Northern Ireland or Wales and have just bought a property or piece of land that is over £125,000, you will also have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax or SDLT. If you are buying a second home, that stamp duty kicks in earlier at £40,000.

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Great Reasons Why Families are Moving into Gateshead

If you’re looking for a place to set up home where the houses are affordable and there are plenty of amenities for you and your family, the chances are Gateshead won’t be on your radar. Settled across the River Tyne in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbour, Newcastle, Gateshead is becoming an increasingly popular destination to set up home.

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Tips on Keeping your Garden Looking Great for Viewings this Summer

When selling a house, making sure the walls are painted and the carpets look nice and fresh is normally top of the list. You want to create a great impression when possible buyers come to view. One area that often gets overlooked, however, is the garden.

It’s really important though and one of the first areas that viewers see, helping them get an immediate feel for the full potential of your home. Here are our top tips on keeping your garden ready for viewing all through the summer.

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Homes for sale Newcastle Will Hygge Help Sell Your Home

Will Hygge Help Sell Your Home?

Hygge has become a popular trend in recent times, filling up plenty of space in online and hardcopy style magazines and newspapers. If you want to create a space that is warm and welcoming, you can do worse than adopt a few of its core concepts. Hygge a big part of the culture in Denmark

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Why Families are Loving the Sunderland Property Market Right Now

Sunderland has long been in the shadow of neighbouring Newcastle but in recent times, the city has seen a jump in its rating compared to other locations around the country.  In fact, with a blend of good amenities, central location and a healthy but not inflated house market, there are lots of reasons why families are loving the Sunderland property market right now.

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