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Welcome to the friendliest place on Planet Earth!

Searching for the most affordable property in Newcastle? Are you thinking about moving one of the UK’s best and affordable cities to live?

OK, we may be biased because we live here, but Newcastle really is a great place to call home, and it would have came as no surprise to Geordies that this friendly, fun-loving cultural hotspot was recently voted the UK’s number one place to be.

If you’re weighing up whether to live in Newcastle or not, let’s take a fresh look at what makes it so great and join us on a whistle-stop journey through its ancient institutions, nightlife and artistic splendour.

And remember, if you have any questions about any of our properties in Newcastle, which covers places like Jesmond and Gosforth, we’re only a phone call or email away.

Essential Stats & Facts

Newcastle has amazing transport links with all UK and all international cities.

Newcastle International Airport is less than seven miles from the centre of Newcastle and is easy to get to by road via the A1 Motorway and A69.

Its main coach station is situated in the heart of the city, and Newcastle’s Central Train Station can whisk you to London inside three hours. And if you fancy a hop to Holland or Norway by sea, ferries run from North Shields which is only a 20-minute drive from Newcastle.

Oh, and there’s the Metro too, which connects the whole of Tyne and Wear.

As well as having esteemed higher education facilities like Newcastle College and two universities, Newcastle has some of the best performing state and private schools in the country.

Newcastle upon Tyne Royal Grammar School, for example, is an outstanding school for girls and boys aged 7 -18 years and is known and respected throughout the country as an institution that consistently delivers brilliant results.

The Newcastle Quayside is probably Distrikt’s favourite hang out and provides a great place to enjoy your lunch and enjoy the views of its famous bridges, Marina and the iconic Baltic Art Gallery and Sage building.

The official data released by the police suggests that Newcastle suffers from a relatively high crime rate, but we believe the information might not reflect the whole picture because some of these crimes were reported to have no fixed location.

Our estimates suggest that there were around 2169 reported crimes reported in Newcastle over the last Year, but baring in mind this includes the city centre, the figures aren’t a cause for concern, in our opinion.

Also, many of these crimes were ‘minor’ and we firmly believe Newcastle is one of the safest places to live in the UK.

Access to medical facilities, doctors, specialist clinics, walk-in centres and hospitals in Newcastle is great. They have some of the best hospitals in the country in this city, including the world famous RVI, and have a full range of services available to assist with medical problems.

Newcastle has most of the nearby essentials that you might expect including doctors, chemists, gyms as well as many hair and beauty outlets.

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Where do we start?

Our little gem in the North East crown is one of the most iconic cities in Britain, famous for its industrial heritage, brown ale, the highly successful football team (ahem), popular nightlife and a distinct regional ‘Geordie’ dialect. Why aye man!

Located on the banks of the River Tyne, the city has undergone several transformations since it began life as a Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall in 122AD.

In short, Newcastle has been a Roman frontier, a Norman stronghold and a once Great Medieval town. It’s also globally referred to as the home of the railways and was an industrial powerhouse. It also comes complete with ancient streets and Georgian Architecture.

Over the last half century, the heavy shipping industry in the area, which gave the city its heartbeat, has made way for a spike in the retail and public sectors as well as regeneration on a mass scale.

It has been transformed into a cultural landmark and is now renowned for being the business and social hub of the North East. In comparison to its famous industrial past, Newcastle is now renowned for its environmental awareness and hopes to become one of the first Carbon Neutral cities in England. Bet you didn’t know that?

Did You Know?

When you think Newcastle, you think nightclubs, the Tyne Bridge and Newcastle United. But boy there’s much more to life in this historical powerhouse than parties, football and famous landmarks.

As well as being an extremely pleasant, friendly and affordable place to live, Geordies have a cheerful self-confidence of people who have been chosen, and if you’d like to become one, you’d be welcomed with open arms.

The capital of the North East is often referred to as the smallest big city in the world. You can walk across it in 15 minutes and while you do you’ll see and feel all of the major hallmarks of any major European city including culture, heritage, first-class retail, award-winning education, a buzzing nightlife and, of course, a beautiful river.

Although the recently rejuvenated Quayside (which comes with a host of bars, restaurants and art galleries) on the banks of the River Tyne gives locals a chance to catch their breath from the hustle and bustle, Newcastle has one other major advantage over its UK counterparts; a sense of space.

You won’t have to drive very far to enjoy Northumberland’s beautiful countryside, coastline and castles and a ten-minute walk outside of the city centre would take you to the Town Moor; an expanse of greenery larger than New York’s Central Park. We’re not making this up, we promise!

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