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Know Your History – it Will Help You Sell Your Home

Selling a property can be a challenging task, especially when the market is not particularly buoyant and there is a substantial amount of competition. For that reason, it is essential to look for a way of gaining an edge that will make your property more likely to attract a potential buyer. One way of doing this is by researching the history of your home and its locality to enable you to provide a complete historical critique. Property buyers always have questions to ask of a purchaser and the more answers you have in your possession the more likely it is that you might achieve that elusive sale. For more great property advice to help sell your North East home, contact Distrikt Online today.

Let’s take a look at how you might be able to access the historical information that relates to your home.

Legal Information

Valuable information, such as that relating to past surveys, building work and planning consents will often be discoverable through looking at the deeds, which your lawyer will obtain when instructions are given in relation to the sale. Legal information is also available from the local authority, which keeps records of planning and building regulation issues.

Building Information

Ascertaining the construction history of your home can be an exciting project. This type of information can be obtained in the archives unit of your local library. The information that a search there may produce includes maps and plans and you may even be able to go back to the original construction of the property and why it was built in the first place.

Personal Information

Accessing the electoral rolls will enable you to find out the ownership history of your home. You should be able to find the electoral rolls in the local library. Consider referring your research to the 1920 Domesday Survey, which created a record of every single property in the UK, with names of every owner and occupier and, in the case of leasehold property, the name of the landlord and tenant. The record even goes as far as providing descriptions, supported by drawings, of the physical condition of every property. If your research reveals that your home was previously owned or occupied by someone who has or had celebrity status it is possible that it will add a degree of attraction for a potential buyer.

Local Information

Information that is relevant to the locality of your home is also likely to be interesting to a potential purchaser. This can also be obtained through a visit to the local library. An alternative is to canvass the thoughts of some of your neighbours, especially those that have lived in their homes for a significant period of time. They will be able to provide you with their recollections of any environmental issues that have affected the area, past developments and their community experiences. Anecdotal information can be very fascinating and can also be a valuable addition to the history that you are compiling.

Once you have compiled your record, it will be helpful to put all the information that you have collated into one single document that you will be able to provide to anyone interested in buying your home – it may just make a difference!

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