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Great Reasons Why Families are Moving into Gateshead

If you’re looking for a place to set up home where the houses are affordable and there are plenty of amenities for you and your family, the chances are Gateshead won’t be on your radar. Settled across the River Tyne in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbour, Newcastle, Gateshead is becoming an increasingly popular destination to set up home.

Areas like Gateshead Quayside are attracting young, upcoming home buyers and families are benefiting from the lower house prices in the general area. On average, you can find a property that is over £50,000 cheaper than nearby Newcastle and proximity means you don’t have to miss out on any of the amenities.

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You’ll find superior quality housing too. There’s no overabundance of new builds here – the majority are solidly built Victorian and Edwardian properties. You will find a big variation in prices depending on the area you are searching in. Places like the Quayside and Low Fell are in big demand and can fetch prices over half a million for semi-detached and detached properties. Head out to Whickham, for example, and you can find homes going for half that amount.

Gateshead: What’s on Offer?

While house prices are key in deciding to move to an area such as Gateshead, so are the local amenities. There’s plenty to do and see here and if you’re bringing up a family you won’t have any lack of options. There are some 30 parks in the area, the biggest of which is Saltwell Park which offers a brilliant boating lake, plenty of wildlife and open spaces for games and sports.

Shopping opportunities in the city centre are small and discreet but you can head out to Dunston and take advantage of the Metrocentre if you want more. It’s got over 300 shops and stores and all your favourite brands. Newcastle’s shopping areas are also just a stone’s throw across the river.

The pub and restaurant scene in Gateshead is starting to expand and there are numerous choices for residents, not just in the centre but out towards more rural areas. And if you love your music, the Sage Gateshead is a centre for international musical extravaganzas and concerts.

Moving to Gateshead

Gateshead has mainly become an attractive proposition for families because of its proximity to Newcastle. The region’s growing reputation as one of the North’s tech hubs means that it’s home to many startups and is currently attracting investment from around the world. The strong eco-system that has been developed with the help of the local council has certainly made this area the focal point for innovation over the last few years. It’s also helped other businesses to develop and created a good deal of prosperity and jobs for the locals.

Gateshead remains a great option for families who want to be near a thriving centre for job creation but also take advantage of some competitive house pricing. With plenty of excellent schools and more than enough amenities both in the city centre and out towards rural areas, it’s an excellent choice if you want quality housing and a friendly community.

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