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Searching for property in Gateshead? Heard good things about the town and want to know all about the best places to live in Gateshead? Look no further!

A buzzing nightlife, world class art, quality, stylish housing and flats, epic music festivals and first class sporting events. Which city are we talking about? Paris, London, Milan? No, Gateshead, silly!

OK, so it’s not a city (yet) and it isn’t Paris, but having spent many a year living and working in Gateshead. The above superlatives apply to this town and the best is yet to come.

Many visitors from outside of the region get a shock when they come to Gateshead. They imagine a place still battling industrial decline and decay but the truth is quite different these days with the best is yet to come. Let’s take a look at why you should live in Gateshead.

Essential Stats & Facts

As well as having a diverse range of affordable housing throughout the town, getting around Gateshead by road and rail is easy.

It has the super efficient Metro system that connects to Newcastle International Airport, as well as great roads and regular buses.

Gateshead has some first-class schools and the award-winning Gateshead College and Emmanuel College for higher education.

And remember, you’re right next door to Newcastle, which has some of the best schools, colleges and universities in the United Kingdom. Click here for more information.

For us, it’s got to be the Sage Gateshead and Baltic Contemporary Arts Centre. The Sage is an iconic and relatively new live music venue and the Baltic, a converted industrial building on the South Bank of the Tyne, shows all of the latest art exhibitions from around the world. But don’t forget the Angel of the North, folks. Is it a bird, or is it a plane? Lord only knows, but since its wings were first spread in Gateshead near the A1 in the late 1990s, Antony Gormley’s Angel has become the talk of the town and is now revered as one of the most popular pieces of public art in the UK.

The official data released by the police suggests that Gateshead suffers from a relatively high crime rate.
Because of the way the data is structured, we’re not able to accurately estimate crime rates based on neighbouring areas in this instance, so instead we would advise you to treat the data provided with caution and to conduct your own checks.
Our best estimate is that there were 1553 reported crimes reported in the last 12 months.

Access to health and fitness facilities in South Tyneside is excellent and contains all of the essentials needed including a hospital, medical centres, doctors, pharmacies and more.
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, based in Gateshead, Sheriff Hill, opened its doors way back in 1948 and comes today fully equipped with an advanced Accident & Emergency ward.

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Pint Sized History


Why on Earth is Gateshead called Gateshead and what happened to the famous Get Carter Car Park?

Apparently, Gateshead was first mentioned in Latin writing way back in 1190 and was called ad caput caprae. What does that mean we hear you ask and scream? Well, it translates to “at the Goat’s Head”, or a headland which was home to a field of goats. Gateshead Council have been at odds with the goat and the gate over the years. It was originally goat and now folks, it’s a gate, Gateshead!

We often get asked about the whereabouts of the infamous Get Garter Car Park here at Distrikt HQ and. It played a lead role in one of greatest gangster films Britain has ever witnessed and, in its day, was a model of ‘utopian idealism’. But in 2010 cinema’s famous multi-storey was pulled down. Sorry people!

The cult gangster film Get Carter, staring Michael Caine, climaxed with a thrilling chase to the summit of one of Gateshead’s most talked about buildings.

Despite it’s fame and like many of the UK’s Brutalist structures left over from the 60s, the “Get Carter Car Park” had been widely viewed by the public as an eyesore, not an icon, yet film revellers to this day can’t believe it’s gone.

In its place now stands Gateshead’s new take on town centre utopia – a retail come student village and a giant Tesco. Every little helps.

Did You Know?

Against all odds, Gateshead, with it’s stunning Newcastle facing Quayside at its epicentre, has transformed itself from its heavy industrial past into a modern, slick, stylish and dare we say it “chic” part of the world.

With it’s older brother Newcastle by its side and some skilful work from the local authorities, Gateshead’s victory pays homage to Tyneside’s phenomenal reincarnation in recent years.

Although it lost out to Liverpool on its joint bid with Newcastle to become European Capital of Culture in 2008, the millions spent on the campaign certainly haven’t gone to waste.

Along with Newcastle, Gateshead, is now viewed nationally as a premier arts, culture and clubbing destination and boasts a wealth of cafes, exclusive hotels, galleries and restaurants.

Its Quayside and surrounding neighbourhoods not only offers fantastic views of the River Tyne, but it offers some of the best contemporary flats and housing in Europe.

Don’t believe us? Readers of the national arts and property press were stunned in 2011 to learn that South Shore Road – the site which houses the Baltic contemporary arts building and Sage Music Centre – won Google’s Best Street in Britain award.

In full view of the impressive Gateshead Millennium Bridge and views across the water, travel guides were forced to rewrite the history books and now often refer to it as the new Budapest.

Gateshead isn’t all about fancy Quayside art galleries, though. The people are extremely welcoming and the quality of life is high in many other parts of the town. It has one of the best kept Victorian Parks in the country, Saltwell Park, has an olympic sports stadium, and everyone’s heard of the MetroCentre – Europe’s 6th largest shopping mall and the region’s number one spot for high street fashion and retail.

Both Low Fell and Whickham are extremely popular and upmarket parts of Gateshead and both have a strong village like feel and have lots of amenities including restaurants, bars and shops.

Meanwhile, Bensham and neighbouring Saltwell has some really stunning and beautiful architecture and has improved dramatically in the 21st century thanks to some big regeneration projects.

A mirror smooth River Tyne on the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside with the famous Tyne Bridges, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and the Sage Gateshead Concert Hall, Tyne and Wear, England

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