Local Online Estate Agent Does Dressing Your Home to Sell Really Work

Does Dressing Your Home to Sell Really Work?

Putting a property on the market is a challenging undertaking at the best of times and one which many of us will only do once or twice in our lives. There are plenty of tips and hints to make that sale go through quicker but does dressing up your home and making it look more attractive to potential buyers actually work?

Most estate agents will advise to give buyers every opportunity to see themselves reflected in your home. That means being less cluttered and reducing the impact of your own personality and style. That could mean getting rid of family pictures and making sure the kid’s room is kept as tidy as possible, with toys put away. But what about a deep clean for the carpets, putting in freshly cut flowers and changing the furniture to make it look less used and more impactful?

Producing Quality Images

One of the first places that many potential buyers will learn about your property is online and the images that you post there are important. Getting these done professionally to show your home in its best light or carefully staging scenes can increase the number of people who view your vendor page. That could mean hiring not only a photographer but furniture and other fixtures and fittings which can all add to the cost. It can also mean passing a critical eye over your property and arranging and adding to what you already have so everything looks its best.

There’s no doubt that first impressions are important, from the front garden to the back door and everywhere in between. While you want to give your buyer a chance to see the possibilities, you also want to create an environment that impresses them. For most sellers, this is a fine balancing act and much will depend on the amount of budget you have to spend and how good you are at spotting the potentials.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on dressing up your home for viewers. There are plenty of low cost options that you can include which won’t put too much pressure on your wallet. A trip down to the local garden centre to buy plants for the garden for instance or painting the front door if it needs it are simple places to start.

Should You Hire a Professional?

Home staging businesses are becoming more popular in recent times and they can certainly help make your home a lot more appealing to potential buyers, increasing the number of viewings and potentially improving the price that you finally get for your property. Bringing a professional interior designer in, however, can be expensive and you need to consider whether the return on investment is going to be worth it. Often a good estate agent like Distrikt Online can give you all the tips you need to implement the changes yourself.

Sell your Home

Getting your home ready to sell and keeping it in tip top shape when potential buyers are visiting your home is important and keeping the clutter at bay throughout the process will help buyers see themselves in your home. Try to think of your home as putting its make up on for potential buyers, get a few extra cushions or candles, repaint those neon shades to more neutral colours and your home will appeal to a wider audience.

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