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How to make your home as saleable as possible

Putting your house up for sale can be a big challenge, particularly if you’ve never done it before. While you may put many things in the hands of your estate agent, however, there’s still a lot you can do yourself to give the old homestead that certain wow factor. Small changes here and there can

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Why is Newcastle an Urban Property Hot Spot

There have been major changes to some cities in the North East over the last couple of decades. Areas that were often seen as low income, a little dour and tainted by historic visions of sooty mills and endless smog are now being viewed as vibrant and exciting hubs with plenty to offer.

If you’re thinking of buying a property, there are several reasons why you might want to choose Newcastle:

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Investing in Student Properties in Newcastle: Is it a Good idea?

Buying a property to let is still a good investment, even with the changes earlier this year to stamp duty. Pick the right location and you can find a ready supply of eager tenants and make a sizeable, long-term profit in the process. In Newcastle, there are several reasons why you might want to focus on student properties in particular, not least because it’s now one of the prime higher educational hubs in the country.

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Tips on Making a Buyer Feel Welcome in Your Home

There’s no doubt that when someone is buying a property, they’ll be looking at your fixtures and fittings rather than your personality. But people also buy off people and how you present yourself during a viewing, how welcome you make your guest, can make a big difference to whether you succeed in selling your home.

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10 Top Reasons People Move to Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne is a city steeped in history where you’ll find a friendly welcome and plenty to keep you occupied. A survey at the beginning of 2016 by the European Commission found that it was one of the ‘happiest’ places in the UK. Here are just some reasons why it’s a great place to work and live.

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