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Christmas baubles

The joys of being in your home at Christmas

Ahh, the joys of being in your home at Christmas. Everyone knows that from around the end of September the build up to Christmas begins and continues at a relentless pace up until Christmas itself then there tends to be a universal sigh of relief, a period of idleness and over indulgence, perhaps some reflection

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Why Families are loving moving into North Tyneside

For families looking to relocate, North Tyneside has become one of the most popular areas to house hunt in.  From spectacular coast lines to rolling rural views, the area is witnessing a real boom.

North Tyneside is offering families a work-life balance that is difficult to find elsewhere, while residents are also able to enjoy convenient access to key cities and locations across the UK and Europe to benefit their professional careers.

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Tips for selling your rental property quickly

If you’re looking to sell your rental property quickly, then it can be a little bit of a daunting task knowing just where to start.  However, follow our tips for selling your rental property below, and you could be well on your way.

Selling a rental property is a lot more complicated than a general house sale. If the property is empty, then it’s relatively straight forward, but when you have sitting tenants that are in the middle of an existing agreement, it can deter buyers from taking up the property.  This is even more of a problem if your tenants are long-term tenants without a proper, written tenancy agreement or contract.

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A cardboard house with a father Christmas hat sitting on the roof

Does Christmas really affect the housing market?

Does Christmas really affect the housing market?  Traditionally this time of year is when peoples’ thoughts turn to Christmas and things can get put on hold, so is there any evidence out there that Christmas does affect the housing market? According to HMRC, property sales fell by 5% in September this year whilst March saw

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lady pointing to south shields town

What’s happening in South Shields at the moment?

What’s happening in South Shields at the moment as we approach the end of a very dramatic year? With the current major issue of mass migration, outcome of Brexit and where we go from here, I found it interesting to discover that Yemenis were the first settled Muslim community in Britain with this fact having

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Pedestrian Tunnel Wallsend

The regeneration of Wallsend

I think Chi Onwurah would be well impressed with the plans for the regeneration of Wallsend and hopes for its future.  I expect most people in these parts are well aware that Sting and Vicky Pattison are from Wallsend but I bet most people haven’t heard of Chi Onwurah? – a labour party politician, born

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estate agents north shields Property Photography

How a Professional Photographer Can Make the Difference When Selling Your Home

When you sell your home you will want to do everything possible to create a positive impression of the property for potential purchasers. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by creating a set of photographs that captures the attention of property buyers and creates the type of positive first impression that is likely to make them want to see more. Because photographs play such an important part in the marketing of a property it is essential that you produce images of the highest quality that really showcase your home and give it the edge over all the other available properties in the area.

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Know Your History – it Will Help You Sell Your Home

Selling a property can be a challenging task, especially when the market is not particularly buoyant and there is a substantial amount of competition. For that reason, it is essential to look for a way of gaining an edge that will make your property more likely to attract a potential buyer. One way of doing this is by researching the history of your home and its locality to enable you to provide a complete historical critique. Property buyers always have questions to ask of a purchaser and the more answers you have in your possession the more likely it is that you might achieve that elusive sale. For more great property advice to help sell your North East home, contact Distrikt Online today.

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What is an EPC and Why Do You Need One?

An Energy Performance Certificate or EPC has become fairly standard for homes in the UK in the last few years. When you are selling a property, it’s a useful reference for buyers to makes sure that they are buying a home which is properly insulated and shows they don’t have to do extra work on the structure. It’s also a legal requirement.

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Should You Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom Before Moving Home?

The question of whether to update certain parts of your home before you decide to move house is a difficult one. Some say it creates a selling point if you put in a new kitchen or bathroom before that for sale sign goes up. Others say, often quite rightly, that a person might prefer to have their own kitchen or bathroom design and are more likely to be put off, especially if they don’t like your installation.

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