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Why is Newcastle an Urban Property Hot Spot

There have been major changes to some cities in the North East over the last couple of decades. Areas that were often seen as low income, a little dour and tainted by historic visions of sooty mills and endless smog are now being viewed as vibrant and exciting hubs with plenty to offer.

If you’re thinking of buying a property, there are several reasons why you might want to choose Newcastle:

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Investing in Student Properties in Newcastle: Is it a Good idea?

Buying a property to let is still a good investment, even with the changes earlier this year to stamp duty. Pick the right location and you can find a ready supply of eager tenants and make a sizeable, long-term profit in the process. In Newcastle, there are several reasons why you might want to focus on student properties in particular, not least because it’s now one of the prime higher educational hubs in the country.

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Local Online Estate Agent Does Dressing Your Home to Sell Really Work

Does Dressing Your Home to Sell Really Work?

Putting a property on the market is a challenging undertaking at the best of times and one which many of us will only do once or twice in our lives. There are plenty of tips and hints to make that sale go through quicker but does dressing up your home and making it look more attractive to potential buyers actually work?

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The ongoing problem of Britain’s housing shortage

The ongoing problem of Britain’s housing shortage has not just happened but has been going on and getting worse for many decades. The Government white paper released recently has promised a new wave of house building to ease the ongoing problem of housing shortage, and what with current house prices around 7.5 times higher than

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Tips on Making a Buyer Feel Welcome in Your Home

There’s no doubt that when someone is buying a property, they’ll be looking at your fixtures and fittings rather than your personality. But people also buy off people and how you present yourself during a viewing, how welcome you make your guest, can make a big difference to whether you succeed in selling your home.

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Why South Tyneside is a Property Hot Spot for Families

With the regeneration of South Shield’s historic Town Centre, families are taking another look at South Tyneside and all it has to offer in the way of great property and work life balance. Blessed with the same stunning coastline as the rest of Tyneside and Northumberland the sweeping sandy beaches are a haven and a huge draw for families who live in the area.

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Predictions for 2017

Making Predictions for the housing market in 2017

MAKING PREDICTIONS FOR THE HOUSING MARKET IN 2017? Making predictions for the housing market in 2017? Given what has gone on in 2016 with Brexit and the Trump outcome this could well prove tricky, but here goes! Reuters 2016 Housing Market Poll showed that on average industry representatives thought prices would rise 4.7% this year,

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Top tips on buying your first investment property

Buying your first investment property can be an exciting process, but also a complicated one with many things to consider.  Making sure you get the first one right will undoubtedly have a major bearing on how successful you are within the property game.

To help get your investment property plan off the ground, here are some top tips on buying your first investment property:

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5 Top tips on how to dress your house to help it sell

Moving house can be one of the most stressful activities we do during our lifetime, and one part of that stress is being able to sell your existing house.  Knowing how to increase your chances of a sale is vital. Getting expert advice from property professionals is essential and Distrikt Online can help.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick house sale, or if you’ve been trying to sell your house for a while and are running out of ideas, try some of our top tips on how to help your house sell.

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