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5 Top tips on how to dress your house to help it sell

Moving house can be one of the most stressful activities we do during our lifetime, and one part of that stress is being able to sell your existing house.  Knowing how to increase your chances of a sale is vital. Getting expert advice from property professionals is essential and Distrikt Online can help.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick house sale, or if you’ve been trying to sell your house for a while and are running out of ideas, try some of our top tips on how to help your house sell.

  1. Dress your house for the target market

This step can be incredibly effective, yet is overlooked by so many people looking to sell their house.  Take some time to carefully consider the types of people who will be interested in your house.  Is it a family, a retired couple of a professional business couple looking for somewhere homely yet practical?

Once you know, it’s time to dress your house accordingly.  If you think it’s the professional business couple, then turning the spare bedroom in to a small home office is a logical step and does not have to cost much money.  Keep it simple whatever you choose, as you do not want to alienate other potential buyers outside of this target audience.  You’re just trying to make it realistic for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your property.

  1. Remove the clutter

You only have to watch a few television programmes about buying and selling houses to know that clutter is a huge turn-off for potential buyers.  Whether you have priceless family heirlooms or ornaments that remind you of holidays, anything that you do not use daily really needs to be boxed-up and put in to the garage, loft or in storage.  The same goes for large pieces of furniture that are not used often, or are perhaps aged.

The less clutter and personal items there are, the bigger and fresher the property will feel.  Again, it also helps the buyers to imagine themselves living there.

  1. Spruce the place up

People are often loathed to spending money on a property they are trying to sell, but it can really pay dividends to do some very small bits of decorating. Freshen up coats of paint, replace broken tiles and put up lampshades that are missing – all of these types of tasks can help change a home from being dull and unkempt to fresh and new.  Also, areas that don’t need decorating should still get a good clean and polish.

Potential buyers need to walk in and see the property for what it is and imagine the many possibilities, broken décor and dingy paintwork will likely have them walking straight back out of the door.

  1. Make the house feel lived in

Have you ever viewed a house that is perhaps empty, or missing light bulbs?  Maybe the heating is turned off?  It feels cold, unloved and unwelcoming.  Therefore, when you know there are viewings booked in, take the time to turn the heating on, switch lights on and generally make the home feel welcoming.

  1. Leave pets with a neighbour

If you have cats or dogs, it’s a very wise idea to leave them with a neighbour when you have viewings of your house.  Ensure all of the animal hair and odours are thoroughly cleaned-up too, if only for the fact that many people have allergies.  It’s also not going to be a great viewing experience of there is a barking dog or hissing cat around when people are trying to view the house.

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