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10 Great Things About Moving Home

As Estate Agents in North Tyneside, we love watching our clients buy and sell their homes. While there can be a lot to think about when you are selling your home it can also be a time of great celebration and happiness.

So here is a quick list of 10 really great things about moving home:

  1. Decluttering and Reorganising

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting thing about moving but the opportunity to have a clear out and get rid of your old rubbish shouldn’t be underestimated. Having a declutter can give you more room in your new home as well as making sure that stuff you no longer use or need is found a good home via the nearest charity shop or by recycling. It can also give you an immense sense of achievement.

  1. A Fresh Start

We all react to new things in different ways but it can actually give you a huge psychological boost once you’ve unpacked and settled down a little. You may indeed find new reserves of energy and a sense of wellbeing you hadn’t noticed before. This is a great time also to bring fresh things into your life and perhaps start a new, exciting hobby.

  1. The Housewarming

If you need an excuse for a knees-up, there’s not a better one than a housewarming. It’s a great way to drag your friends round to your new place or getting to know the neighbours. It’s also a brilliant way to relax and finally feel at home for the first time.

  1. DIY Heaven

If you’re the kind of person who likes to DIY, once you move in you’ll be in decorating heaven. However great the new home, there’s always going to be something that needs doing. This can range from major renovations to minor decorations. The world (and your new home) is your oyster.

  1. Finding Lost Things

It’s amazing how packing up for a move can mean you find that object you lost a while back which you thought was gone for ever. Whether it’s hidden at the back of the cupboard or behind the sofa, there’s usually one or two surprises on the way.

  1. It’s an Excuse to Indulge

We keep saying moving is stressful so all those little treats you’d usually deny yourself are perfectly acceptable to help you cope. That means you can buy those cream cakes, open that bottle of wine or throw on your favourite movie when you’ve finally had enough. No one’s going to judge.

  1. Organise those photos

This is a job that everyone puts off, or just ignores, but putting all those old phots into albums, or collating all your online images and getting it printed into a nice book is on the wish list of many people. Moving home gives you a great excuse to go through all those boxes of photos from uni and finally get them organised!

  1. Buying New Stuff

Of course, moving house is a licence for getting new stuff and that always makes us feel better. Whether you want to update the home entertainment system, buy a new cooker or simply need a more comfortable bed, there are plenty of options to choose from.

  1. Break a Few Things

Does your partner have an item that you’ve always wanted to get rid of? Moving is a great time to plan a little sabotage so you don’t have to see or deal with it again.

  1. Open the Bubbly

Once you’ve unpacked and settled in, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to do that again anytime soon. Sit back, open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate to your heart’s content.

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